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As an experienced copywriter, I have over seven years’ worth of words behind me. That’s an awful lot of words. So, rather than give you everything, I’ve brought together the Frank Content Portfolio – a selection of varied published writings, spanning a whole host of subjects.

Alas, in all my time as a freelancer, I’ve yet to write for an edible shoe business. I live in hope.

Web copy

Here, you’ll find a selected collection of web copy projects. Selected precisely because they’re all very different.

Social media

Lots of social, lots of posts – LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Blog copy

From writing about trash to maintaining a corporate website – there’s a wide range of blogs on display. If you’d like to see more published examples – you need only ask.

Brochure copy

From a well-known housing company to wedding brochures for a country estate. Here are a few examples for you to peruse.

Product descriptions

A selection of tasty treats from a well-known bakery – the writing isn’t bad either.

Case studies

One published – more to come. If you’d like to see more examples, just contact me.

Press releases

I’ve pulled together a few press releases, and as you’ll see – each is rather varied.

Unpublished work

There’s always bits and pieces that don’t make it – some for justifiable reasons – others because they were never meant to. Here’s a 200-word article you might enjoy that falls into the latter.

Frank Content.

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