My services will ensure that even if there are 10 other cheese sculpting businesses in your area, yours will stand out like blue cheese on a Christmas cheeseboard.

I’ll tell the story – you’ll get the customers. It doesn’t have to be based around cheese. Actually, I don’t even like cheese.

Website copy

Don’t settle for insipid. Insipid doesn’t sell. You’ve got a story, so let it be told. People like stories. Stories sell. 

Blog copy

Keywords are important. But so is your expertise, say hello to blogs that will transform the process of voltage optimisation into a ruddy good read.

Social media

Tell your story with managed posts and adverts across all of your social media.


Offline copy

Don’t regurgitate your website. Keep your doorknob polished – it’s the first thing people see before ringing the bell.


Stand out far from the maddening crowd with nifty subject lines and engaging copy.

Press releases

Succinct and on point press releases. Brevity is king.

Product descriptions

Here you, buy this now. It’s brilliant.
Works every time.


Tone of voice

Why have Neville Chamberlain when you could have Sir Winston Churchill?


Brochures, posters, social media and banners – content and design. The full package. 

Frank Content.

Where the commas are in the right place and semicolons only used in emergencies...


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