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From a beautiful holiday home in North Wales to stern advice about bringing electrical equipment into the bathroom. Now, here’s an eclectic mix of web copy.

Warrington & Co

‘Why Warrington?
‘The question isn’t why – but why not? Ask Ikea. In 1987 they chose Warrington to be the site of the UK’s first Ikea store. It was a smart move.’

Walton Hall and Gardens

‘Set within acres of tranquil and idyllic parkland, steeped in local history, this has been a popular destination for nearly three generations! And you can see why.’

Ted Alerts

‘Whether you’re climbing up Mount Snowdon, at the shopping centre or waiting for your kids to come home from football – TED Alert products will keep you safe and those you love, bringing help when needed most.’

My Electrics

‘At My Electrics, we believe passionately in ‘being green’. That’s why we’ve developed innovative products, such as our voltage optimiser, that will not only save you money but will help you to save on energy too.’

Arosfa lodge

‘Hear the swifts as they screech and soar across panoramic skies. Absorb yourself in the symphony of the countryside with your morning coffee. Relax in the hot tub while gazing at the stars. Do we need to go on?’

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