Unpublished work

So that you know, this isn’t something I’d typically do – after all, if it isn’t good enough to be published, why bother. But you see, here’s the thing. This 200-word piece was never going to get published. It was written recently for a copywriting agency as proof that I could follow one word with another in semi-legible prose.

Their gauge? Describe in 200-words, the lasting legacy of the 2012 London Olympic games.

For me, there is only one legacy, and the following 200-word musing had me signed up as a professional…

2012 Olympic Legacy

One could quibble all night long over the lasting legacy of the London 2012 Olympic games. Sure, team GB did rather well, London city made a few quid, West Ham got a new football stadium – but let’s cut to the quick – the only lasting legacy must be the current occupant in No 10. From the moment that Rt Hon Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson dangled, suspended 30 ft in the air at Hackney’s Victoria Park, a Brexit Busting Prime Minister was born.

This blonde James Bond was to be the architect of Brexit, the British Bulldozer who got ‘Brexit Done’. All it took was a blue hard hat – yes, it was a tabloid gift and a national joke. But, it was there in mid-air that BoJo shouted – ‘This is great fun, but it needs to go faster’ – prophetic words from a national treasure.

Olympics come and go, gold medals are won, gold medals are lost. No one remembers the silvers and certainly not the bronze. But, whether a remainer or brexiter – the 2012 London Olympics will be forever remembered as the moment, BoJo zipped up, not down, the Tory queue, to #TakeControl.